Hair transplants involve procedures to add more hair to an area of head that may be thinning or balding.


This is a question that has always troubled many people over the years. Well, hair transplants have a high success rate. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • It is safe- Since it is just under a skin layer and right above the surface of the skin, there is not much of a risk involved. Since this surgery is not done under anesthesia, recovery is not much of a fuss.
  • Advance technology is a boon- there are no scars. With the advance in technology, there is no need to feel down about flaunting your head.
  • Hair transplantation process has no Side effects- it has no domino effect on other organs. Over the counter, hair growth drugs have a lot of effect on vital organs. This technique is directly done on the affected area hence no side effects.
  • Since the hair is set inside the skin layer, there is no reason to worry about it falling out in clumps. It can be treated like normal hair- washing, drying, etc but with a bit more tender love and care.
  • Post the initial few weeks of recovery, your hair sets in and boosts your confidence level to soar up high in your social life

  • Hair transplants today are worth every single rupee! It is a foolproof remedy for baldness. Make sure to choose the best of doctors from MAAC who are efficient and experts in the field of hair transplant.
  • Post hair transplant has set in, your hair is permanent. You are free to cut, shave, and style your hair, and yet you can be sure of your hair growth. This feeling is priceless!
  • It is a one-time investment you make on yourself that can boost your morale!

The cost of hair transplant differs from person to person. In consultation at the MAAC clinic,the best hair transplantation in Bangalore, Here the doctor examines the scalp and hair quality and quantity of hair grafts are needed then the number of sittings is suggested. Also, if there is an increase in the number of grafts it costs higher.

Yes. One of the main reasons why hair transplantation is considered the most effective option for restoring your hair is that it is a permanent solution to hair loss. During the surgery, our doctors use your healthy hair follicles to fill in your balding areas. These transplanted hairs are resistant to the hormone in your body that causes hair loss and hence are considered permanent. Because this transplanted hair is DHT resistant, it will continue to grow even though the non-transplanted hairs around them may fall.

This is a common worry among all those considering hair transplantations at MAAC clinics in Bangalore. It is whether the results will look natural, especially if you have come across or seen the results of people with bad hair plugs. Fortunately, hair reconstruction technology has come a long way. MAAC hair transplants Bangalore can produce results that look entirely natural and are undetectable from the natural to the newly transplanted. That’s because of our highly proficient surgeons' use of next-generation hair-by-hair restoration techniques that ensure your newly transplanted hair complements the natural growth pattern of your hairline and facial features.

A hair transplant surgery is a very simple and topical procedure. Because it is completed in less than a day and involves minimal recovery time, many patients return to normal activity in just a few days. Most of the effort involved in a hair transplant procedure involves working with you to design a natural-looking hairline to match your facial features, textures, and age, using the correct hair forms and placement. The complexity lies in the skill, workmanship, and experience of the physician, this will re-create a head of hair that will look good for a lifetime.

Many younger patients visit MAAC hair transplant clinics Bangalore often with the worry that if they are too young for the transplant. If the baldness starts at an early age, and you are feeling less confident at a younger age, it can mar your confidence levels. The doctors at MAAC clinics Bangalore examine your hair for stability. If they find your hair unstable and vulnerable, then you might be a candidate for a hair transplant.

We at MAAC hair transplant clinics,Bangalore have people of many age groups and cultural backgrounds opting for hair transplants. There are various parameters considered while deciding if you are of the right age group for a hair transplant. A consultation at the clinic can give you insights into these parameters and if you are good to go with hair transplants. Since at this certain stage, the hair loss would have stabilized and surgeons will be able to decide and suggest well. It is preferred to get this even in older patients. The health aspects such as diabetes and even follicular treatments can be beneficial.

On average, people find that hair growth has been considerably good post hair transplant. Mostly hair loss happens due to hormones or genetics. Once these hormones have had their effect on you, your hair would have lost its growth pattern. Upon going in for a hair transplant, you can see the hair has a different natural feel to it. Hair transplants use techniques that are safe and permanent. MAAC has the best Hair transplant clinics in Bangalore, reach us now!

Hair transplantation done at MAAC Clinic Bangalore is a simple procedure where the hairs are taken from the donor area which is the occipital area, which is free from the influence of hormones and also the density of hairs are more compared to the frontal area. Thus, the hair transplanted is lifetime and permanent.

In a gap of 6-8 months of time, complete hair growth occurs. This hair now can be cut, trimmed, shaved or colored as per your wishes. Harvested areas of the occipital region will heal gradually and completely without any evidence of surgery.

Hair transplant procedure is the same for both male or female. However, the hair loss patterns usually differ from person to person. In men, Androgenetic (Pattern) Alopecia is a genetically determined disorder which is characterized by the gradual conversion of terminal hairs into vellus hair. Men present with gradual recession of frontal hairline early in the process, also gradual thinning in the temporal areas (frontal area), and producing reshaping of anterior part of hairline. In women, there is a diffuse hair loss over the crown producing gradual thinning of hair. There will be widening of the mid-partition, frontal hairline is often preserved. The end result can be an area of total baldness. Again. This area varies from person to person and is usually most marked at vertex (crown area). We at MAAC hair transplant clinic Bangalore have the best expertise in performing hair transplants. Visit us now for a beautiful you!